PNW Range Stem with GoPro Mount

Night riding season is upon us, the days are shorter, and the PNW Components Range Stem with GoPro Mount is the right component for the job. The Range Stem offers a GoPro mount located front and center, for a camera or a perfectly centered headlight to light up the trail for night riding.

PNW Range Stem with GoPro or Headlight Mount
c. PNW Range Stem with GoPro Mount

PNW Short Stem

The PNW Components Range Stem is made or forged and machined metal alloy. With their face plates machine channeled to allow for the mount accessory. Each step comes complete with an adjustable and removable GoPro type mount. This can be used for a headlight, camera, or any accessory compatible with the GoPro style mount.

PNW Range Stem with GoPro or Headlight Mount
c. PNW

Sized For The Modern Rider

The redesigned Range Stem is lightweight, tech ready and sized for the modern rider. PNW has moved away from focusing on the Enduro style. And instead optimizing the stem lengths for the larger trail rider audience. The stem comes in 40mm (174g) or 50mm (210g) lengths with 0° rise. This is for a standard 1 1/8″ steerer, to play nice with the modern mountain bikes.

PNW Range MTB stem 03
c. PNW Top View
PNW Range MTB stem 04
c. PNW Bottom View

Pricing and Availability

The PNW Components Range Stem sells for $64 directly from PNW Components which includes the detachable face plate accessory mount. Get stoked to light up your local trail for that winter night ride.

PNW Range Stem with GoPro or Headlight Mount
c. PNW Night Ride

Range Stem Specifications

Length: 40mm, 50mm
Clamp: 31.8mm
Weight: 40mm – 174g / 50mm – 210g
Compatibility: 1-1/8″ steerer tube

Changing Seasons PWN Stem in Action

Shredding the Pacific North West, PNW rider Mark Mathews takes us through some buttery smooth single track. This with the quite sound of the mountain bike on the dirt. This is the stoke we need to mount up our lights and head out for that night ride. Want more? Check out The Gloam Season Featuring Cody Kelley.

PNW Components

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