Video: Ridestoke Ride Series #23 | Drop The Hammer

Drop The Hammer Series trail is the alternate line, double black, experts only trail, leading off of the end of Cease and Desist complete with a qualifier feature. You’ll want to expect a series of large drops and gaps with steep landings, and large step ups. The first drop comes in at 12 feet, into a valley, setting you up for a 10 foot step up, and two more drops. Check out more details on the Drop The Hammer Series line here.

Drop The Hammer Trail

Specifics: Drop The Hammer

Ride Location: Coler Preserve, Bentonville, Arkansas
Trails: Drop The Hammer
Trail Rating: Double Black / Expert
Bikes Ridden: Knolly WardenC with Avalanche Racing Suspension
Camera: GoPro Hero 7 Black
Mount: Chest Mount Harness for GoPro Camera

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