PNW Components | The Gloam Season Featuring Cody Kelley

Hot off the heels of being crowned a World Champion at the inaugural Trophy of Nations in Finale Ligure, Cody Kelley hopped on a plane flying to the dark and ferny Pacific Northwest so we could join forces for a few days of filming. A wild week ensued jam packed with photoshoots, coffee, meet and greets with local rippers, classic Washington weather, and too many Wu-Tang Clan references.


Gloaming is a synonym of twilight or dusk. It comes from the Old English word for twilight, “glōm,” and the Gloam Season is upon us in the Pacific Northwest. The lengthy, warm days of summer have disappeared, replaced by a near permanent state of twilight. We delve deep into the woods, where legends, ghost and ghoul haunt the shadows. Sufficient lighting in the thick trees is hard to come by this time of year, but when you find it a magical world unfolds.

Via: PNW Components

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