Press Release: Manitou Mezzer Expert Enduro Fork

Manitou Mezzer Expert Enduro Fork
Manitou Mezzer Expert Enduro Fork

Press Release: Mantiou

Manitou announces Mezzer Expert Enduro Fork, another new addition to the Mezzer family of forks, creating a more affordable price. This coming from the suspension division of Hayes to add to the value enduro fork offering, not breaking the bank.

Manitou Mezzer Expert Enduro Fork

Simplified Damper

The Mezzer Pro use an MC2 Damper and comes complete with the IRT volume adjuster. On the Mezzer Expert, the fork’s compression is controlled by the all new VVT-6P damper. This provides six primary adjustments. Therefor, the Mezzer Expert’s high and low speed compression are activated simultaneously when adjusting a single knob. This is opposed to the Mezzer Pro, where you can tailor the high or low speed compression with dedicated adjuster knobs. This is the Expert Air system which is derived from the Dorado Air system offering the balancing valve for positive and negative air chambers.

Manitou Mezzer Expert Enduro Fork
Incremental Volume Adjuster (IVA)

The Incremental Volume Adjuster (IVA), found at the top of the top of the leg, modifies the air volume with self-contained spacers.

Mezzer Expert Enduro Fork Chassis

Targeting the enduro market the Mezzer Expert comes in 27.5 inch and 29 inch wheel size configurations. And, travel ranges from 140mm to 180mm. Riders can chose their ideal travel mode in 10mm increments. The Mezzer Expert is offered with 37mm stanchions composed of 7000 series aluminum and the signature Reverse Arch technology. The forks weighs in at a light weight 2030g (27.5” at 180mm) which places it in second spot for the lightest fork in the Enduro lineup.

First, an added bonus to retaining the same chassis, is riders can upgrade their Mezzer Expert to the Pro level if they need more adjustment flexibility. The IRT and MC2 dampers are available and can be switched out easily. The Mezzer Expert also features Trail Side Relief (TSR) which are on the back of the lowers under the Reverse Arch. If a rider needs to bleed teh built up pressure to retain performance, the TSR makes it easy.

Manitou Mezzer Expert Enduro Fork 04


Manitou Mezzer Expert Enduro Fork 03

Looking to pick up a Mezzer Expert? You can find one here today.

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