Video: Cam McCaul hits the Dirt Jumps on his Trek Remedy

Add more air in the tires and increase compression on the suspension. Now Cam McCaul’s Trek Remedy is ready for the dirt jumps. Pedal up and jump down. Let’ see how a trail bike does on the dirt jumps.


The morning that we shot this Video Log, I put up a YouTube community post with a survey… I asked you which bike I should take to the dirt jumps. The majority of you chose my Trek Remedy over my Ticket DJ or Ticket S because I told you that I didn’t feel like pushing my bike up the hill.. Y’all made a sick decision because this turned into a killer little session. On the trail bike, you take a run through, pop the dropper post up, click through those gears, and next thing you know you’re back to the top of the line keeping the ride alive. John Reynolds joined along to hold “Cam’s Dad Cam” and operate his flying robot camera. Tyler Roemer came along to snap the stills; then halfway through the session, a whole crew showed up… and I mean come on… Everyone knows dirt jumping is all about the big group szechuans.


Dirt jumping on the trail bike takes a little getting used to, but once the bike is set up right and you get into the flow of things, its the best. You gotta be a little more aggressive with everything to keep the speed and throw the tricks, and you get to slash the corners if the opportunity arises. Its the best.


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Ok Bye. -Cam

Camera // John Reynolds

Edit // Taylor Sage

Bike: Trek Remedy with Fox Suspension, Shimano drivetrain, Bontrager wheels /tires /bar /stem etc.

Via: The Dude Cam McCaul

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