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If you have seen the 2013 trail MTB mountain bike movie NOTBAD from Anthill Films (Darren McCullough, Darcy Wittenburg, Colin Jones) and the Trek C3 Project, you are familiar with the pro level of mountain biking and cinematography talent. The NOTBAD film brought riders like Brandon Semenuk, Brett Rheeder, Andrew Shandro, Brook MacDonald, Cam McCaul, Rene Wildhaber and Ryan Howard. This was truly an all-star mountain biking bench.

In NOTBAD, the riders and film crew meet up in New Zealand for what Anthills calls “Thirty Days of Bicycle Tomfoolery in New Zealand!”. For me, that translates into about 29 mins of pure mountain biking pleasure that is sure to get me out riding my bike. I wanted to slap on my gear and ride directly out of the garage to the nearest trailhead! This movie gets to show the true power of an mtb mountain bike and how amazing it can be to hone and use such a bike. It’s just an extraordinary, unique experience and one that you just can’t find or replicate anywhere else. It’s just an astonishing achievement and one that you will want to pay off over and over again.

NOT TO BE OUTDONE by their first act, Anthills films (Darren McCullough, Darcy Wittenburg, Colin Jones) and the Trek C3 Project followed the NOTBAD series up with NOT2BAD in June of 2016. This time they brought together pro mountain bikers Brandon Semenuk, Brett Rheeder, Cam McCaul, Ryan Howard, Casey Brown, Andrew Shandro, Gee Atherton, Rachel Atherton and Dan Atherton. Much like the Tomfoolery that occurred in New Zealand, the ride and film crew packed up and headed to Spain this time around for what I’d like to call a true trail party of different mountain biking disciplines. Everything from downhill to slopestyle and enduro trail riding it’s all here mixed into one big shredit.

Mtb Mountain Bike

You rarely see so much excitement and value from a mtb trails movie. But then again, this is no ordinary movie. It brings in front some of the best and nicest features that you can find in the mountain biking world. And it also puts the best riders out there through a plethora of challenges. Each rider has his own mtb bike, and he tried to conquest the unique challenges that were put in front of them. It’s certainly a huge thing to consider and one that can always bring in front some resounding challenges and problems.

What you do need to keep in mind is that a mtb bike is very hard to control and use. Let alone if you have a mtb mountain bike with very large wheels. But these people are legends in the industry, and they always tried to bring something cool and new to the table. And honestly, they did. Something like this is unseen, and this movie is a clear indication of how good some of the best riders in the world are. They are nothing short of astonishing, and they deliver some amazing performances.

To get you stoked for the full movie Anthill recently released a full trail shredding segment RAW style. No soundtracks here. Nothing but the pure sound of tires on the dirt, acoustics of bike at full speed and the hooting and hollering of absolute riding enjoyment! People that like the mtb trail experience and want to see the pros at work will be very stoked when it comes to this movie. It delivers the adrenalin rush you always wanted, all while keeping you glued to the monitor and not knowing what will happen next. That’s the type of thing that always pushes you forward and keeps you rushing towards the next level. Yes, it’s really fun, and it offers that excitement that’s pretty much lost for a lot of people.

If that gets your blood pumping and you would like to watch the full NOT2BAD film you can head over Here. Not2Bad also is now available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Vimeo On Demand (4K), and more!

Credits: Anthill Films and Trek C3 Project

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