Review: Five Ten Freerider Contact Smooth Sole Ride Shoes

Review: Five Ten Freerider Contact Ride Shoes

This is the Five Ten Freerider Contact ride shoe boasting a smooth-sole, lighter and less locked in, ideal for flat pedal all-mountain enduro ride. I’ve been on this pair of Five Tens for a few months now, primarily used on my trail bike.  This set of Five Ten’s is the updated version of the Freerider VXi offering a lighter more refined setup.  This is a step up for me for the trail ride, as I had been on the heavier Freerider shoes.   The weight and grip of the new Contact’s is a noticeable difference. The Contacts will set you back $120-$150.

Five Ten Freerider Contact Ride ShoesFive Ten Freerider Contact Ride Shoes
Smooth Sole

I was skeptical about the smooth sole of the Contacts at first, but after lacing them up for the first time, and shredding the trail for a bit, I found the sole is sticky like the rest of my Five Ten’s, as expected.  Without the grippy sole dots, I’m able to shift my foot more easily on the flat pedal, being a bit less locked in.  The pedal itself fits in the smooth spot where the pins spend most of there time face to face.  So, if you struggle with repositioning your foot on the pedal, the Contacts might be the perfect solution for you.  It took me just half of one ride to get used to the smooth spot on the sole, and out of the habit of sticking my foot in place, as i do with my Five Ten Impacts.  Something to consider, however, traction for those sections for hike and bike, especially during wet weather rides, is not there.  Expect to slide around a bit.

Five Ten Freerider Contact Ride ShoesFive Ten Freerider Contact Ride Shoes

The uppers for the Contacts are synthetic, light, and do not soak up water nearly as much.  This shoe is not waterproof, but, sheds water quickly and efficiently.  The laces are at just the right length, compared to my old Freeriders, which seemed to have overly long laces for some reason, and would catch in the chainring.

Five Ten Freerider Contact Ride Shoes

Toes protection is noticeably good in the Contacts offering a solid defense against the rocks and roots.  Stitching is solid, and the fit seems right for me.

Five Ten Freerider Contact Ride Shoes
Holding Up

The Contacts are holding up incredibly well so far, and i’m no longer worried about slipping a pedal and shredding my shins. The Contacts offer that classic Five Ten grip.  If your usual ride is in the mud and wet, you may want to consider a different shoe offering the Five Ten grippy dot sole.  If your trails are typically dry, dusty, or rocky and steep, you’re all set.

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