Review: Ride Concepts Hellion Elite Shoe

Ride Concepts shoes are now stirring the scene on a regular basis. It was time to make the move from my tried and true Five Ten lineup and jump into Ride Concepts. And why not go with a set of three for this Ride Concepts shoe review. Riding the Ride Concepts Hellion Elite, Powerline, and Vice shoes for several months now and excited to share the feedback on each of them so far. This is part one of three, starting with the Hellion Elite.

Ride Concepts has incorporated impact technology in every shoe with D30 insoles to help cushion the foot. And this offers reduced vibration on those long downhill descents. Ride Concepts has also teamed up with Rubber Kinetics to offer proprietary rubber compounds in the shoe’s soles. The compounds fall under three categories, 4.0, 6.0 and 8.0. 4.0 offers the highest grip, but without the stiffness. Level 8.0 offers the highest stiffness but, the lowest amount of grip, leaving 6.0 to fall in the middle. Each shoe has a hex tread pattern which has proven to be successful when put up against other brands.

Ride Concepts Hellion Elite

The Hellion Elite offers a stiff feel for power and control, intended for all mountain or enduro. It’s a lightweight all mountain flat pedal shoe. It uses Ride Concepts softest rubber compound, DST 4.0 MAX GRIP, offering the best connection to the pedal. The microfiber upper is strong and durable with an anti-bacterial mesh lining for good breathability while decreasing weight.

Ride Concepts Hellion Elite
Ride Concepts Hellion Elite
Ride Concepts Hellion Elite insole and ankle padding
Hellion Elite insole and ankle padding


I’ve been riding the Hellion Elite mostly on trail for serval months and overall the most impressive aspect of the Hellion Elite shoes is the durability. The toe box up front offers good protection along with the same treatment on the heal. Rock strikes are a common occurrence when riding in the rocky tech, and the Ride Concepts Hellion Elite performed well. When it comes to the long distance ride, the overall stiffness of the shoes are noticeable. This also means you cannot wrap your foot around the pedal or feel the small movement when cornering like you would say, a pair of vans. But, that’s fine, because I’m not riding these on the dirt jumps or the pump track as I would the Ride Concepts Vice Shoes. I lean on the Hellion Elites are for the trail. The Hellion Elite shoes come in Khaki or Black.

The stiffness has resulted in far less foot fatigue specifically on those long technical rides. I’ve found the stiff sole offers great support for the arch of my foot so my foot is working less. Paired with my Oneup Components flat pedals, the power transfer works well while the D30 insoles keep the ride comfortable.

Ride Concepts Hellion Elite
Hex pattern sole
Ride Concepts Hellion Elite
Toe box and heal protection
Ride Concepts Hellion Elite sole insert
D30 Insole

The reinforced toe box offers plenty of protection against rock strikes, and are still breathable. When a ride shoe offers this level of protection, breathability is often sacrificed. Not the case with the Hellion Elite. After riding my Five Ten Freerider Contact shoes on the trail bike for alot of years, I can tell you the Ride Concepts Hellion Elite shoes are not quite as sticky. But, I got used to them in the first ride.

Technical Details

  • Weight: 442g (Men’s 10)
  • Material: Synthetic, Rubber
  • Rubber Kinetics | DST 4.0 MAX GRIP Rubber Outsole
  • Anti-abrasion toe and heel protection
  • Microfiber synthetic upper is abrasion and weather resistant
  • Anti-bacterial mesh lining controls odor
  • D3O High Impact Zone Insole Technology
  • Fully gusseted tongue prohibits intake of dirt and debris
  • Elastic lace tuck to keep laces secure
  • Sizes: 7-15
  • Price: ~$130


Stoked to have Ride Concepts as an option after riding my Five Tens for so long. The Hellion Elite is loaded with comfort and technical goodness. The investment in the Ride Concepts Hellion Elite shoe will last as I’m sure their durability will continue on for a long time.

Ride Concepts Lineup
Hellion Elite, Vice, Powerline
Five Ten Lineup
Retired Five Ten Freerider Contact, Impact High, Impact Low

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