Review: Ride Concepts Powerline Shoe

Ride Concepts shoes are now stirring the scene on a regular basis. It was time to make the move from my tried and true Five Ten lineup and jump into Ride Concepts. And why not go with a set of three for this Ride Concepts shoe review. Riding the Ride Concepts Hellion Elite, Powerline, and Vice shoes for several months now and excited to share the feedback on each of them so far. This is part two of three, continuing with the Powerline.

Ride Concepts Powerline

Ride Concepts Powerline is built on DST 4.0 MAX Grip rubber combined with enhanced features like a fully-welded but breathable microfiber upper that is weather resistant, an asymmetrical medial collar with D3O impact protection. The midsole is a high-step EVA for increased stability and a custom molded rubber toe cap. All day. All grip.

Ride Concepts Powerline
Ride Concepts Powerline
Ride Concepts Powerline insole and ankle padding
Powerline insole and ankle padding


What is noticeable right out of the gate with the Powerline shoes is the confident, comfortable support from the uppers. I also found the uppers protected my ankles from the chain stays better than the Hellion Elite shoes. I run with the Powerline shoes solely for riding the DH bike. The Ride Concepts Powerline takes advantage of the asymmetrical shape to protect you inner angle bone (medial malleolus) which comes in handy on those rough downhills. The Powerline’s shape noticeably minimize the amount of crank arm strikes you feel. The open toe box is really comfortable and provides exceptional protection against rock strikes. I found the sizing runs the same as my Five Ten fit so I didn’t need to size up and stayed with what I usually wear.

Ride Concepts Powerline
Hex pattern sole
Ride Concepts Powerline
Toe box and heal protection
Ride Concepts Powerline sole insert
D30 Insole

The Ride Concepts Powerline shoes are outfitted with D30 impact protection to absorb those hard hits. D30 is a unique material which allows shock absorption by dissipating motion into heat in a compact amount of material. The D30 compresses then returns to the original shape when you press on it. The D30 insole is one of the features that really stands out. The stiffness of the insole translates to power to the pedal providing great stability. The 4.0 Max Grip Rubber Kinetics sole provides the best traction for damping. So, if you’re looking for performance, look for the 4.0 Max Grip. So far the Powerlines have stood up against anything I have thrown at them. Like the Hellion Elite shoes, I’m still getting used to the slightly less grip on the pedals compared to my old Five Ten Impact shoes. But, those have since turned into something as soft as slippers feeling the pedal pins through the soles. The Ride Concepts Powerline shoes are comfortable enough to work is as if they are work boots so they are up to the task of trail building or freeride feature builds.

Technical Details

  • Weight: 435g (Men’s 10)
  • Material: Synthetic, Rubber
  • Rubber Kinetics | DST 4.0 MAX GRIP Rubber Outsole
  • Recessed toe and heel for hike-a-bike situations
  • Welded microfiber upper is abrasion and weather resistant
  • Asymmetrical medial collar with D3O impact protection
  • Custom-molded rubber toe cap and heel protection
  • Medial high-rise EVA midsole provides support and shock absorption
  • D3O High Impact Zone Insole Technology absorbs impact and reduces fatigue
  • Fully gusseted tongue prohibits intake of dirt and debris
  • Elastic lace tuck
  • Sizes: 7-13
  • Price: ~$150


I would recommend the Powerlines to a wide range of riders running flat pedals. This shoe is fairly light weight without sacrificing the supportive feel of a flat MTB shoe.

Ride Concepts Lineup
Hellion Elite, Vice, Powerline
Five Ten Lineup
Retired Five Ten Freerider Contact, Impact High, Impact Low

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