Crankbrothers New Mountain Bike Shoe Line

Crankbrothers added to its mountain bike product range, with a new line of mountain bike shoes, Mallet and Stamp, to match its pedals. This new line includes one flat pedal model and two clip in models. The Stamp is designed for flat pedals, with the Mallet and Mallet E setup for the clip ins. The entire line of shoes are designed for all disciplines of mountain biking. The new shoe line is optimized, designed and tested to work with standard mountain bike pedals.

Crankbrothers New Mountain Bike Shoe Line

Strap, Lace, and Dial Options

This new line of shoes comes with either the BOA dial adjuster, traditional laces, or, the Crankbrothers Speedlace System. Above all, the three models come complete with mesh paneling for good airflow on the hot ride days. Crankbrothers cleats come pre-installed on both the Mallet and Mallet E models. The clip design on the line of shoes focuses the Crankbrothers pedals interface.

Crankbrothers Pedals Mallet Lace
Race Zone

Crankbrothers Design

The Mallet and Mallet E mountain bike shoes design are with enduro riders and downhill riders in mind. The tread pattern is aggressive helping out with the occasional hike and bike sections of the trail. Therefor, the tread on the toe and heal for best flexibility. Several versions of the shoe are made during development, looking at different rubber compounds. And focus on the flat shoe to find the best feel. The Stamp flat shoe uses a compound called MC2. This is to stick to the pedal like glue and damping vibrations at the same time. Each lug has a design for the height of the pedal pin dimensions.

Mallet, Mallet E, Stamp

Flip the shoe over, and see the red detail on the edge of the cleat track. This is what we refer to as the “Race Zone”. In addition, it allows for the all too critical space for rear cleat positions, for riders hitting the steeps.

Crankbrothers Lace

Crankbrothers Speedlace
Mallet E
Mallet E


The new line of shoes are prices from $129.99/€129.99 to $199.99/€199.99. Clip-in versions include Crankbrothers cleats pre-installed. Shoe sizes in the US are available in size 5 through size 14, including half sizes. Weight ranges for the shoe line are 758g for the BOA, 766g for the strap and lace, and 752g for the traditional lace only option. The Mallet E BOA is 878g, its Speedlace version is 874g, and the lace option is 864g.

Crankbrothers clips
Crankbrothers flats

From the CEO

We have spent many years finding innovative ways to optimize the shoe-pedal interface focusing on the pedal system, but we were missing control over the shoe, which created interference issues with the pedals. We saw riders cutting the cleat box in order to properly engage with the pedal and lengthening the cleat track to allow for more cleat placement options. We’ve been working obsessively in the space of less than 1 mm to develop the right cleat depth to improve clipping in and out. We constantly look for opportunities to challenge the status quo and improve the riding experience.

Gaspare Licata, CEO of Crankbrothers

Where To Find Them

For more details on this new shoe line, visit the Crankbrothers site here.

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