Video: Norðvegr: The Way to the North | Vanderham & Gauvin

Mountain Biking in Norway is really something special. Watching Thomas Vanderham and Remi Gauvin shred it will make you dream of riding there someday. You’ll want to watch this one in High Definition for maximum impact!



Thomas Vanderham and Remi Gauvin have both been to Norway before, but it’s one of those places that keeps drawing them back. With newly built mountain bike trails with a strong historic culture of moving through the mountains, the Nordfjord region has endless opportunities for adventure.

A Film by: Scott Secco

Featuring: Thomas Vanderham and Remi Gauvin

Produced by: Stephen Matthews

Post Production Sound by: Keith White

Audio Typography by: Mike Taylor

Photography by: Mattias Fredriksson

Music: Pioneer by Ryan Taubert

Thanks to: Asgeir Blindheim, Fjord Norway, Visit Nordfjord, Veronica Vikestrand, 7blåner, Destination Ålesund, Sunnmøre, and Fred Syversen

Credit: Rocky Mountain Bicycles

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