Video: Spider Mountain Ski Lift in Texas | Texas First Lift Served Bike Park Open

On Feb 8, 2019 Spider Mountain Bike Park opened! Located in Burnet it’s the first Ski Lift in Texas to operate at a Bike Park. We are super pumped about having another a riding opportunity such as this just over an hour from Austin. If we need some lift served downhill laps this will definitely beat the twelve plus hour drive out to Angel Fire Bike Park. With the combination of Spider Mountain, the established Freeride512 Bike Park and abundance of technical riding this is truly moving us forward for the mountain biking in Central Texas!

Seth from Seth’s Bike Hacks recently hopped over to Texas from North Carolina to see what all the riding fuss was about. It even snowed on opening day which doesn’t happen very often in this part of Texas.



Video: Seth’s Bike Hacks


Austin’s own No Front Brakes (Eric) put together a nice opening day edit with all the runs that were open that day. It was hero dirt, complete with crashes and even a little snow. For those who don’t know Eric, he is an accomplished mountain biker and Youtuber that rides his bike with a prosthetic arm. Cheers Eric!



Video: No Front Brakes


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