Knolly Press: Knolly Builder Program Expansion

Knolly Builder Program Expansion


Knolly Builder ProgramIn 2015, we created a special builder program to acknowledge the hard work, inspiration and collaboration builders put in every day of the year. We wanted to give back to our trail societies and this year we’re excited to grow the program. In correlation with our 2020 product expansion, we’re ramping up the builder program too.

Knolly Builder ProgramThis past year, we developed a unique graphics package for our new bikes and with each model that we launch, we’re producing a limited run of 20 units featuring a stylized topo map of our local mountains. This December, our next batch of Fugitives will showcase the Burke Mountain topography map.

Knolly Builder ProgramFollowing in the Spring 2020, our new Wardens will feature Mount Seymour. What’s incredibly exciting about this program is that proceeds from the sales will be donated to local builder associations. For the Fugitive run, we selected TORCA (Tri-Cities Offroad Cycling Association) to be supported; while the new Warden topo bikes will benefit NSMBA (North Shore Mountain Bike Association). Both organizations are super thrilled and we’re even putting their builder logos on the seat tubes of these bikes.

Knolly Builder ProgramKnolly Builder ProgramIn the future, this initiative will continue with each new product release we launch. For us, it’s a chance to give back and connect with the trail communities that are so vital to the sport we love. Our builders create outdoor playgrounds that we depend on; this program enables us to show our gratitude. For riders, this is an opportunity to own one of only 20 frames and celebrate not only the legendary trail builders but your favorite mountain and trails as well.

For more information about the Knolly Builder Program, or to purchase the new limited-run Fugitive + TORCA frames, visit or email

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