Bikepacking | The Frozen Road in The Canadian Artic (Full Film)

Bikepacking The Frozen Road

What’s it like to go bikepacking during the dead of winter in the Canadian Arctic? Visions of a being all alone in the wide open frigid wilderness pop into my head with great discomfort. Some mountain bikers are just not built for this type of adventure, while others rise to the challenge. Ben Page is one of the few who chose to bite off and push the limits of adventure by bike across five continents between 2014 and 2017. The Frozen Road Film below is the culmination of Ben’s trip across the Canadian Artic portion of his bikepacking trip. 

Ben won several awards for this film including:

‘Special Jury Mention’ – Banff Mountain Film Festival
‘Best Director’ – Bilbao Mendi Film Festival
‘Spirit of Adventure’ – 5Point Film Festival
‘Best Adventure Film’ – New York WILD
‘Best Exploration and Adventure Film’ – Fort William Mountain Film Festival
Featuring in the Banff World Tour 2018


Credit: Ben Page

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