Insane Winter Mountain Biking | Downhill Fatbiking at Highland MTB Park

Buy a Fatbike they said….hit big drops they said….it will be fun they said. Downhill Fatbiking just elevated winter riding to another level with the Project Northeast crew hitting Highland MTB Park in the snow. This looks like an absolute blast!

Disclaimer: We are professional Idiots on a closed course! Highland is open for lift serve fatbiking only during their annual Winter woolly event! Well, another year goes by where we are stuck inside and itching to get sendy again. So what do we do? Venture out to our sponsoring home mountain and throw ourselves off the biggest drops on the mountain. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean it’s any less scary. Hands twitching, and adrenaline rushing is the feeling no matter the season. Sure, the hits may have softer landings if you crash, but the likelyhood of crashing also goes up exponentially. Don’t miss out on your own fatbike adventure for the annual winter woolly event. The only dedicated lift served fatbike event in the east! Sat. Feb 15th 2020 at Highland MTB Park.

Via: Project Northeast

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