Video: Rampage Winner Kurt Sorge Riding Turnstyles In Nelson BC

Kurt Sorge Turnstyles

Build a trail like Turnstyles and they will come. As more and more cities and towns realize the impact that mountain biking brings to the community they are starting to put more support and backbone behind the efforts. For example, if you look at towns like Bentonville, Arkansas where they have invested over $59 million through the Walton Foundation donations, countless man hours, and community volunteers they have truly made Northwest Arkansas a mountain bike destination in the United States. The ability to bring the kind of resources and machinery to sculpt endless miles of progressive trail can really move those efforts along quickly. What may have taken weeks to cut a section of trail can now be done in days.

The same thing is happening in even in towns like Nelson, BC where it has even been a mountain biking destination for quite some time. The trail building effort to create Nelson’s first machine built trail resulted in a world class trail called “Turnstyles” This one is high on the list of amazing trails to ride in British Columbia. They even dedicated the trail to the late Stevie Smith and placed a Canadian flag at the top of the trail to honor him. Watch as Red Bull Rampage winner Kurt Sorge takes us down “Turnstyles” onboard on his Polygon Collosus DH 9 bike. His mix of speed and style is really something to watch!

Source: Polygon Bikes

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