Vancouver Island’s Best Trails with Jeff Kendall-Weed

Vancouver Island’s Best Mountain Biking Trails

Get in the Van man. I’m not talking about the kind of Van with bubble windows, mag wheel, horrible sleeper bed and flames down the side. This Van is actually a float plane rife to Vancouver Island with Jeff Kendall-Weed to experience all of what the island’s deep forest coastal mountain biking has to offer. Located off the Canadian Pacific Coast close to British Columbia, the island stretches about 290 miles, and is home to some of the technical riding in the region.

Former employee and current IBIS Cycles sponsored rider Jeff Kendall-Weed knows a thing or two about getting rowdy on the bike. When he set out with his garage sale guide book to explore Vancouver island I’m not sure he had any idea the kind riding he was going to get himself into. Jeff’s mountain bike footage is always a pleasure to watch, and will leave your jaw on the floor asking yourself how did he do that. 

His mix of technical riding ability combined with downhill skills, bike trials and sprinkled with some manuals is mindblowing. In this feature from Jeff he pilots himself around Vancouver island on his new IBIS Cycles HD4 Enduro machine. I’d say with drops and gaps this big it’s a darn good way to break in a new bike build.


Vancouver Island: For more information on Vancouver Island mountain biking and trails visit them here.

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Source: Jeff Kendall-Weed

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