Jeff Kendall-Weed Local Loam | The Story of the De Avila Brothers in Mexico City

Jeff Kendall-Weed Local Loam – Mexico City

Jeff Kendall-Weed is back with another feature from his local loam series. This time Jeff and Logan pay a visit to the De Avila Brothers in Mexico city to learn how they got their riding motivation from their Dad, and how the Mexico City Mountain Biking scene has grown massively in the last couple of years.

Mau De Avila, Santi De Avila, and Jorge De Avila are all fixtures in the Mexico City mountain bike scene today. When they were kids, their father used to lead guided rides and teach mountain biking classes- after he passed, the three brothers got together and re-established his business. Concurrently, the mountain bike scene in Mexico City has blossomed into something very significant, and that’s IMO in no small part to the role the De Avila family has played. Today, the De Avila Biking Co not only hosts classes and clinics at the family bike park, but also has after school programs for kids in Mexico City, a fleet of rental bikes, and offers guided rides tailored to Mexico City locals.

Jeff Kendall-Weed

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