Video: New Soil Tac Slaughter Pen Downhill Trail at OZ Trails NWA

Slaughter Pen Downhill Trail – OZ Trails NWA

This new Slaughter Pen Downhill Trail development on the far west side of Slaughter Pen is really something special. Northwest Arkansas (NWA), and specifically Bentonville in this case, continues to push the envelope on what’s possible when a mountain bike community and City, come together with focused trail development efforts.

While continuing to advance the trail building in the area, NWA Trail Blazers and Rock Solid Trail Contracting are giving the OG downhill trail at Slaughter Pen a facelift. Made with a new Soil Tac surface, “this unique polymer will help control dust and errosion and also as stabilize the soil”. This will alllow for pretty much year round riding conditions as well as cut down on trail maintenance. Bentonville local and Factory Pivot Rider Rich Drew (The Ride Series), takes us on a little tour to give us the low down on all the new trail features, and what will make you want to ride this trail over and over.


Video | New Slaughter Pen Soil Tac Downhill Trail | OZ Trails Rich Drew


Via: Rich Drew

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Todd Blake
Todd Blake
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