Must Watch: Training at Andreu Lacondeguy Freeride Compound Laconyard

Andreu Lacondeguy Freeride

If there is a better way to prepare for Red Bull Rampage some please speak up. Andreu Lacondeguy and Freeride are almost synonymous with one another. Lacondeguy is definitely no stranger to going huge at Red Bull Rampage and other freeride events, with his latest poduim finish at Rampage 2018 where he took 2nd place.

Now this Freeride OG is stepping his training game up and has built his very own freeride park in his backyard in Spain. The Laconyard has now been born!


Andreu getting sideways at the Laconyard

Watch | Training at Andreu Lacondeguy Freeride Compound Laconyard

Tour the Laconyard compound


Andreu’s 2nd place run from the 2018 Red Bull Rampage. This is OG status!


Via: Red Bull Bike

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