Video: Nineyard | Fabio Wibmer Launches New Apparel

Fabio Wibmer launches his new apparel line, Nineyard, taking over Frankfurt city with Fabio Wibmer, Kai Haase & Viki Gomez. This video edit brings all bike types together, and throw in a backwards manual down a set of stairs, Nineyard style. Props to the camera operators in this edit. Create Playgrounds!

Create Playgrounds


After dealing with my foot injury over the past 7 months it felt absolutely amazing to be back on the bike, filming with my friends and team. The concept was in our heads for quite some while. I’m a big fan of Motocross and also BMX. And I really wanted to make an edit which combines those three different types of riding on two wheels. True to the motto and slogan Create Playgrounds – we want inspire people to make everything their Playground. Bringing this idea to life in the streets of Frankfurt with my mates Viki Gomez and Kai Haase was awesome!.

Fabio Wibmer

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