Must Watch: Darkfest 2021 Highlights

Darkfest 2021 Official Highlights

Darkfest 2021 is officially done and dusted. Now, as we kick another week off, the tasty competition video nuggets are starting to fly. Enjoy some official highlights from this years competition as the riders go bigger than ever. It’s almost as if they couldn’t wait to get back to competition.

Ladies and Gentlemen here it is! Darkfest 2021 is a wrap and we are proud to present the official highlights edit! This had to be the best year yet, with the biggest freeride mtb dirt jumps in the world and the best riders sending crazier tricks than ever before on their downhill bikes. Massive double backflips, a world record 100ft frontflip and style for miles. Sit back, turn it up and enjoy the good times!!

Via: Sam Reynolds

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