Video: Mountain Biking Bergen Peak, Colorado | Nate Hills | Happy New Year!

Up up up to the snow line in Evergreen, Colorado. Nate Hills and his buddy James try to pre shed the Holiday weight as the enjoy mountain biking Bergen Peak, Colorado. The climb up is super technical and looks extremely painful. It is well worth it for the downhill though. Happy New Year from #RIDESTOKE!

Dashing through the snow, on a one horse open sleigh, through the woods they go, crashing all the way. Bergen Peak with James in preparation for gluttony season. #Followcamfriday Christmas appropriate down-coat MTB. December in Evergreen is Cold. Grab your snuggy. James sells Tee’s and donates 8$ from each sale to a different animal charity each week. The holidays are here people.

Credit: Nate Hills

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