Industry News: Marco Osborne Joins Transition Bikes

For the 2019 Racing season Marco Osborne Joins Transition Bikes. “Send It Randy” Aka Marco, who is a major EWS contender looks to get rowdy this upcoming season along side the Transition Bikes team. Giddy Up Marco! We can’t wait to see some more action from the Transition crew when the 2019 racing season kicks off.

Transition Bikes welcomes Marco Osborne to the TR family. Marco, likely one of the most mentioned riders on the mountain bike internet at the moment while a lot of these folks don’t even realize their talking about him. One might know him as Randy. Aka Send It Randy. Yes, that’s the one. A tribute given to him by those who have been a part of his entrance to our bike world because he sends it. Hailing from Novato Ca, and currently residing in Truckee Ca. Being groomed by Mark Weir and Jerome Clementz has accelerated his success and humility almost as much as his speed. His style has become refined over the last few years, fluid on the bike and able to create any shape necessary to weave his chosen path down the trail. Marco is well known on the EWS circuit not only for being wild on the bike but preferring to go fishing on the days leading up to practice opposed to hunting down race courses. Humble by nature and a genuine human being make him perfect fit for Transition Bikes. We are excited see him continue his travels along the 2019 Enduro World Series and help share his story. If you happen to get a chance to meet him shake his hand and introduce yourself. He loves it. Maybe he’ll even take you fishing. “I’ve known Marco for years and have watched him earn his way up the ranks. When I learned that he was going to be un-supported after 2018 I jumped at the chance to work with him. He’s a perfect fit within our family and a madman on the bike. We share the same ethos and have mutual objectives – Party in the woods!”

– Lars Sternberg / Transition Bike Co

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