MTB Coaching | How to Climb Technical Trails on a Mountain Bike

In this series of the Drew Brothers MTB Coaching, we look at how to climb technical trails on a mountain bike. You might be a mountain biker that loves climbing, and lives for the challenge to go up everything. Maybe smashing uphills on Strava or eventually cleaning that tough climb is your huckleberry.

You could also be like some riders that only live for the downhills, and hate climbing with a passion. At some point, both of these love-hate relationships with the bike have probably encountered a technical section of the trail that is a pain in the you know what to climb. Pick your lines, find the ledge to lift up and over, and do not get hung up on the square edge rocks. These are are skills that we can practice using Rob and Rich Drew’s lift, shift and pull technique. 

The Bro’s were recently out at South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ for a bit of coaching to tie this technique together, and show you how its done on some of Arizona’s gnarliest technical climbs.


Via: Rich Drew

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