Kilian Bron | Following the Light in Turkey

Chasing that Perfect Ride

Sometimes it really is about following the scenery and that invokes the perfect ride feeling. By now we know that Kilian Bron is no stranger in helping to create some the best mountain biking features around. “Follow the Light” is continuing the trend with no shortage of amazing views and creative camera angles that will make you want to get back to chasing trails.

After Chasing Volcanoes, Our Tour de France with the META POWER and Outdoor Synchrony, Kilian Bron returns again with a trip to the heart of Cappadocia in Turkey! For two weeks he discovered a region with mesmerisingly unique scenery in search of the best spots to put down the tyres of his META TR!

This new project Follow The Light, was created in the midst of a very special atmosphere, guided… By light. From sunsets over dramatic landscapes to the illumination of hot air balloons and the warm ambience of the Middle East, immerse yourself in this colourful adventure with Kilian Bron, Pierre Henni, Pierre Dupont and JB Liautard.

Rider: Kilian Bron
Directed by: Pierre Henni
Film: Pierre Henni
Drone FPV: Cinematic Flow
Edit: Pierre Henni
Music & Sound Edit: Leo Lunel

Thanks to ION Clothing

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