Video: STOF BOER ‘Theo Erlangsen’ COMMENCAL Bicycles

Theo Erlangsen and his all South African crew got together after winter to rebuild the COMMENCAL South Africa farm track for his first build & video project. With 8 days and 1 machine, Theo had big ideas and not a lot of time! Local legend and trail builder Duran van Eden smashed out hours on end in the machine and the boys managed to rebuild around 1022m of trail to completely refresh the mountain!

Hot and dusty trails with an amazing backdrop is a good combo for spectacular viewing. The project is a testament to the talented media, builders and riding that is brewing amongst young South African mountain bikers.

Rider: Theo Erlangsen
Builder: Duran van Eden
Head video and edit: Hayden Brown
Additional Video: Daniel Walsh & Thomas Sandal
Drone: Dimitri Vaindirlis
Production man: Mathew Lombardi
Location: Stark Conde Wines
Photography: Eric Palmer (@AFREAKINERIC)

COMMENCAL Bicycles & Snow

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