MTB Downhill | IBIS Cycles Mojo 3 Launch with Jeff Kendall-Weed

MTB Downhill -Jeff Kendall-Weed Rails His IBIS Mojo 3

You will notice that the MTB downhill experience is not for everyone. As you can see from the video, Jeff Kendall-Weed has some insane skills that seem to be perfect for this type of experience. And that’s easy to see why. Jeff Kendall-Weed is one of the few bike riders out there that have been riding ever since the 2000s.

At this time, Jeff Kendall-Weed is 30, and he is among some of the most respected MTB Downhill riders in the entire world. He received a lot of prowess and appreciation because he is one of the best and most impressive MTB downhill riders out there.

He always takes risks, and that’s what makes him a very good bike rider. He always tries to find that extra edge and push things to the next level all the time. It works great for him, mainly because he is extremely talented and he never steps away from any challenge.

But why did he choose the IBIS MOJO 3?

The MOJO 3 has some very distinct features that you want to take into account. Not only is it the most versatile trail bike ever, but at the same time, it also has a powerful wheelset. The traction is extremely good here, and the bike is slack, long and low. The chainstays are very short too. As a result, you get to use your force for guiding the bike, as moving it around is extremely natural and intuitive.

Despite the fact that the MOJO 3 can feel a bit nimble for some people, this is a very capable unit. It’s mostly suitable for the pros, and it can do wonders in downhill, where every detail matters. This bike also has some great features like a boost swingarm that brings in a stiffer frame and wheels. The carbon layup does make the bike feel very light, and that’s what makes it so good for professionals.

As you can see from Jeff Kendall-Weed’s video presented below, the MTB Downhill experience is no joke. It’s one of the hardest challenges you can put your bike through. But then again, that’s exactly where you can show how you mastered your bike. Some trails like MTB Downhills are complicated, so you need a bike that you can rely on. The IBIS MOJO is very good and suitable for this type of challenges. Jeff Kendall-Weed uses it with great success, and it’s easy to see that nothing stands in your way with it. In fact, this seems to be the perfect bike for rough terrains like this!

Take a MTB Downhill, ride with Jeff Kendall-Weed. IBIS has followed up their successful Mojo trail bike line with the launch of a new IBIS Mojo 3. At 130mm of rear travel this dw-link, carbon fiber trail bike can accommodate 27.5″ or 27.5″ plus tires. Pair this with a 140mm front fork and this bike is sure to rip just about any trail you can throw at it.

Shot by Kitsbow, Jeff Kendall-Weed shows us how to give a proper shake down on a new bike. Take a lesson here folks – this is a demonstration of FLOW.


Source: Kitsbow

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