Mini Drone -Amazing Whiteline Mountain Bike Ride With GPS Tracking

Mini Drone -Aaron Chase Followed By GPS Tracking Drone

The Pucker Factor

Mini Drone , If you have ever ridden  or even stood next to the Whiteline trail in Sedona, Arizona you know how truly terrifying it is. Nothing can prepare you for the exposure and margin for error once you actually start rolling into the trail. Its really an all or nothing obstacle that you must fully commit to and overcome your fears.

Enter the GPS Tracking Drone

Typically GoPro footage can have a bad habit of making the trail and terrain feel like it’s flattened out. A gnarly feature or slope of a hill can seem way less steep or dangerous than it actually is. This is where the GPS tracking drone comes in. Recently companies like DJI and many others have released several drones that have this functionality.

POV Shot

When you have a secondary shot of a rider from off the bike you are then able to see the true scale of  features, hills and other terrain. Having the ability for a drone to follow you through the trail is even better as you get the shot from above exposing just exactly what the risk of the rider and bike is. 

How can you find the right mini drone?

Finding a good mini drone to follow you will always be exciting and fun. It’s imperative to take your time and figure out just which drone works well for you. You want a mini drone that’s powerful enough to withstand a bit of damage. And at the same time, you don’t want to go too crazy with it either. As long as you know what type of drone works for you and what you need, the overall results can be well worth it.

Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Brushless Quadcopter

Although it’s not very large, this mini drone has lots of battery life, great connectivity and it shoots in FPV as well. But yes, it will also follow you and it will follow your directions. You won’t break the bank with this one, as it’s a little over $200 or even less if it goes on sale. At the price point you have here, it’s quite the bargain.

Leegor RC Drone Quadcopter

This Leegor RC Drone Quadcopter is actually one of the best drones that you can find out there. Not only is it very fast, but it has a tremendous precision and a good attention to detail. People love the Leegor RC Drone Quadcopter because it’s fast and not very hard to control either. Plus, the transmission distance is good and the dual GPS system is precise as well.

Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying Drone

The Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying Drone costs around $340, but it’s worth it. Granted, it can be noisy at times, but it is a true mini drone that you can carry around and have fun with. While it’s not coming with impressive motors and high speeds, it does last enough for you to capture that insane trick you want to do on camera. And it features facial recognition too, which is always a good thing!


The ONAGOfly 1PLUS has a cute design and it’s a true mini drone because it’s extremely small. They added a Sony HD camera, which is quite unexpected. Some of the other things like sharing pictures to social media and automatically following you are a nice touch and great addition. But this is not extremely durable, so you need to have extra care while using it!

Wingsland S6 Quadcopter

You will find lots of stuff to like when it comes to this quadcopter. It’s a mini drone, very compact and at the same time you have full HD support with it. And the unit is not very noisy, not to mention it has intelligent functions too. It’s a smart buy for anyone that wants a drone with auto following features that work extremely well and which are precise!

It’s not hard to find a good mini drone, and you can find these models at various price points. There’s no denying that results can be amazing here, so check them out and you will not be disappointed with the offers!

Want to see what a drone can do when you add it to your film kit? Join Aaron Chase and Red Bull to see how he puts these tools of the trade in action on this nail biting section of the Whiteline trail.

Credit: Red Bull

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