Mountain Biking Sun Valley With Rocky Mountain Bicycles


Sun Valley, Idaho. A mountain bikers mecca where the singletrack seems to flow on for days and will leave you smiling from ear to ear. Mountain Biking Sun Valley should easily be in the top 5 of any mountain bikers bucket list. See why as we join Thomas Vanderham, Sam Schultz and Rocky Mountain Bicycles as they give the new Rocky Mountain Instinct BC edition a proper thrashing on Idaho’s best trails.

From Rocky Mountain Bicycles

“Stretching through high mountain meadows and down deep winding valleys, the trails of Sun Valley, Idaho are absolutely world class. Rocky Mountain Bicycles’ athletes, Thomas Vanderham and Sam Schultz, set out with their sights set on singletrack, tapping into their instinct for adventure.

Presented by Rocky Mountain Bicycles A Film by Liam Mullany Cinematography by Liam Mullany & Andre Nutini Featuring Thomas Vanderham & Sam Schultz Edited by Liam Mullany & David Peacock Colour by Sam Gilling Post Production Sound by Keith White Audio Typography by Mike Taylor Photography by Margus Riga Thanks to Gabe Schroeder, Sun Valley Resort MUSIC Denmark/ Van Gogh & Gone Written and Performed by Psychedelic Porn Crumpets”

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