2018 Transition Scout Finding Limits

Finding The Limits of a 2018 Transition Scout Mountain Bike

On The Edge

Limits on a mountain bike are typically determined by how hard and how far you can push a bike before it and/or the rider breaks. In the earlier days of mountain biking companies were building trail bikes that were 160mm or more of suspension travel as that is what riders wanted to go big on and push the limits of riding. Now the industry is starting to see slightly less suspension travel trail bikes that are more than capable of going big.

Enter the Scout

Transition Bikes has become known for designing and build bikes that ride well and can hold up to rider abuse. At 130mm rear and 150mm front suspension the 2018 Transition Scout with SBG is certainly capable of being ridden hard and put up wet. Join rider Kelend Hawks and videographer Skye Schillhammer as they push the limits on this ultra capable Scout.

Credit: Transition Bikes

Full info on 2018 Transition Bikes Scout

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