Yeti Cycles ColoRADo – Making Mountain Biking Great Again

If you haven’t ever been to Colorado and the Rockies to go mountain biking you may very well want to after watching Yeti Cycles ColoRADo. Yeti celebrates what makes ColoRADo mountain biking great again. Its the scenery, trails and community of riders in ColoRADo that make it all come together! One Obsession.



Credit: Yeti Cycles

An ode to the people, places, and trails of our home state.

Presented by: Yeti Cycles

Amanda Bell, Employee
Jubal Davis, Team Rider
Nate Hills, Ambassador
Michael Larsen, Ambassador
Sam Seward, Ambassador
Joey, The Stig

Director: Craig Grant
Co-Director: Joey Schusler
Cinematography: Joey Schusler & Craig Grant
Editor: Craig Grant
Sound Design: Keith White Audio

*All locations filmed in Colorado, with riders who live in Colorado, by creatives who work in Colorado.

More Than Myth


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