Wicked Hard Trail | Surf City Trail | Jeff Lenosky at Lynn Woods

Trail Boss

Jeff Lenosky is back with another Trail Boss episode.  This time riding the “Wicked Hard / Surf City Trail” in Lynn Woods, Massachusetts. Lynn Woods is home to some of the most technical mountain biking in the North East. Lenosky makes it look easy, riding the unrideable.  With 20 years of riding experience in his professional career and three Observed Trials in the US Championships, Lenosky uses his skills to tie the maze of trails together with the help of a local.  This video explores the technical detail of the unique features in Lynn Woods such as rock with endless grip and no shortage of slow steeps and drops.  Lenosky’s Giant Trance with 130mm of travel up front and 110mm in the rear is put through it’s paces. And giving us the bird’s eye view with his drone


I rode Lynn Woods for years and miss it dearly.  What seems like a pile of rocks at first really is a maze of technical trail offering a feature and challenge at every corner.  MTB Project spells it out “Even if you can’t ride this trail, you may want to give it a try to see what is possible with a bike.”  Trails such as Espresso Trail, Sharks’ Tooth East, Awesome Sauce, and Chicken Soup, there is plenty to see, and all of it is Trail Boss worthy. 


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