Video: Ride With Us | Freeride512 Rocky Hill Ranch

Ride With Us | Freeride512 Rocky Hill Ranch

Freeride512 just dropped their latest video mashup with the “Ride With Us” mashup.  12 trails built solely around progression, and always more to come.  If you’re looking to progress your mountain biking skillset, this is an ideal location to build up, feature by feature, and jump by jump.  Start out by going low and steady. There are plenty of features here to let you work up to a comfortable level slowly.  Once you clear that first feature and then the next, you’ll be looking for more.

Calling out some of the favorite trails here, we would have to call attention to EZ Bake, EZ Rider, Shake Down, Hopadillo, Shake n Bake, 50 Shades of Grey, Slingshot, 512 Style and the Drop Zone. Each outfitted with features built around progression.  Send your bike down the 512 Style trails to experience the larger table tops at the park. Here’s the trick:  if you can clear the large table top jumps on 512 Style, you can clear the smaller gaps on Six Pac.  Hey, the bike can do it!

Six Pac alone is worth the look if you want to try your skills at gaps.  (get your warmup for gaps on both Slingshot and Shake n Bake) It’s short side is five 15 foot kickers in a row, with identical builds, and one 18 foot kicker gap at the end as the finisher.  If you’re feeling like sending it that day, the big side of Six Pac is your trail.  With the first five kickers at 25 foot gaps, the added twist of a hip at kicker three, four, and five, and the 18 foot finisher at the end.  This truly is the State Of Progression.  Every so often, Freeride512 holds events like The Gathering, where riders from all around come together to session, learn through clinics, and test their progression.

If you’re looking for north shore features, look no further.  50 Shades Of Grey offer up an extended line of skinnies, large elevated ladders at 11 feet above the ground, and one large stepup, that will feed a much longer trail, that is always growing.  It’s been said that no one can ride the 3 inch skinnie that exists on this trail, but we know that’s not true.  Not a believer? Have a look.

Elevation had to be found with the Freeride512 Rocky Hill Ranch location. With it, you have a dirt Rollin Hill that feeds multiple lines, and the large elevated platform with several dropins feeding multiple lines, and one large pro line drop measuring in at 15 feet.

Freeride512 builds and rides progressive mountain bike trails and features in and around Central Texas. We educate mountain bikers on the disciplines of all-mountain, downhill, and freeride mountain biking and help riders to progress their skills.

Find out more about Freeride512 here.
Video Production for “Come Ride With Us” by: Big Timber Films


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