Video: Ride With US 2021 | Freeride512 Bike Park, New Lines

Ride With US 2021

Freeride512 has dropped their latest video mashup with “Ride With Us 2021” by Big Timber Films showcasing the newest lines added since their last video edit, “Ride With Us 2020“. The Freeride512 Bike Park is an ideal location for progressing your mountain biking ride skills. Begin to build up, feature by feature, and jump by jump. There are plenty of features to keep everyone busy at this FR512 location, and you can always walk a feature today, so you can ride tomorrow. The features will be there waiting for you next time you ride.

Ride With US 2021

The New Stuff

As an answer to so many riders asking for more Blues and Greens, “Fade To Blue” was created. Packed with varying freeride features, top to bottom, this trail can be ridden a wide range of riding skillsets. Wall rides curving in both directions for those riders looking to work on that side that might need the most attention. (everyone seems to have a side, left or right, they can wall ride best). This trail can help with that progression.

Freeride512 Merchandise

So many have asked, and we finally have something for you. FR512 Merch is now available here in the Ridestoke Shop. The Ridestoke Shop has mens, womens, and kids mountain biking t-shirts. We also have hats, stickers and other biking schwag to help treat yourself right. In addition, we’ve teamed up the friends over at Freeride512 to help them spread their stoke and support the trail building movement. Just browse our shop to see all our items from Ridestoke and Freeride512. Keep on building trails and Enjoy The Ride!

FR512 Skull
FR512 Skull
Mineshaft Tee b 1
FR512 Periodic
FR512 Periodic

The FR512 Merch finds its roots from the park’s features itself. Unique freeride features built around progression for the rider offer a memorable image. You’re not going to forget hitting that wall ride feature successfully. Dropping in from the steep on the Octagon will take you to the Slingshot Wall Ride. Be sure to check out the Wall Ride Tee. And, next time you’re at the park, have a look around. You’ll see the FR512 Stencil graphic hiding on a feature. FR512 Periodic Sticker, The fundamental element of freeride. The FR512 Periodic sticker will look sick on your truck, cooler, or gear case. The FR512 Merchandise is offered as a POD, “Production On Demand”, so you get your custom merch each time, and FR512 doesn’t hold a shop of extra merch.

State Of Progression

If you have not seen it, be sure to check out the “State Of Progression” video edit by Big Timber Films. The story centers on the Freeride512 as the build always continues on this one of a kind bike park, at Rocky Hill Ranch in Smithville, Texas. This is a great edit to see how the park has progressed, from then to now.

Drop It

With Freeride512 Rocky Hill Location hosting the largest drop in Texas for so long, Freeride512’s “Ride With Us 2020” showcases the high drop off of the Octagon nicely. We’re finally seeing more “Drop Zones” popping up throughout the area. The latest being at Reveille Peak Ranch to offer riders a place for progression, just down the road from Spider Mountain Bike Park. Texas’ first and only lift-served mountain bike park and the only lift-served, year-round mountain bike park in the U.S. Perfect for a weekend of camping and mountain biking. Hit the Ranch one day & Spider Mountain the next!

Freeride512 builds and rides progressive mountain bike trails and features in and around Central Texas. We educate mountain bikers on the disciplines of all-mountain, downhill, and freeride mountain biking and help riders to progress their skills. Offering three locations, Freeride512 at Rocky Hill Ranch, Freeride512 at CAT MTN, Freeride 512 at Christ Church of Cedar Park. Be sure to check out the Parks section for all three.

Ride With Us Series

Ride With Us 2019
Ride With Us 2020
Ride With Us 2021
Find out more about Freeride512 here.
Video Production for the “Ride With Us” series by: Big Timber Films: FB, IG, YT

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