Video: Pick A Part Wade Simmons Rides Dale’s Rock

Race Face ambassador Wade Simmons brings us the new series called “Pick A Part”. It starts off with Dale’s Trail on BC’s North Shore trail system. Using his 30 years of MTB experience, Wade shares his insights on the features and conditions of this north shore classic. And gives us the “how to” on making it down Dale’s Rock.

Dale’s Trail

Shore Riding

The Shore riding is so technical, and every time I’m out shredding with a group, I’m helping someone drop into a scary steep line who’s never done it before. So, I had an idea that it would be awesome to showcase some of the “North Shore’s” most technical trail features and dive into how I look at the crux moves and talk through technical skills in a simple way – giving riders the knowledge and confidence to tackle tech trails and features….wherever they are riding. So stoked to get out on the Shore to Pick-A-Part – starting with the gnarly Dale’s rock!

—Wade Simmons

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