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Mountain Biking in Austin Texas

Jeff Kendal Weed brings us “Gettin’ Rowdy in Texas Hill Country” where he shreds with Freeride512 and Trail Party MTB at Cat Mountain in Austin Texas and Revelle Peak Ranch in Burnet Texas.



Mountain Biking in Austin Texas has taken off in a big way recently with several locations popping up offering an array of options.  Freeride512 has two locations, Cat Mountain, seen in the “Gettin’ Rowdy in Texas Hill Country” video, offering extremely steep terrain, wood features, and plenty of opportunities to get your tires off the ground.  And, the Best Skills Park in Texas, Freeride512 at Rocky Hill Ranch, offering 14 separate progressive trails to improve your mountain biking skills.  this is the only location in Texas featuring an array of North Shore style wood features.  Freeride512 works with Big Timber Films to bring the video stoke to The Gathering and Culmination. Each week Freeride512 hold a Build/Ride session to teach riders, who want to know, how to build, and progress their mountain biking skills. 
“We are a group of mountain bike riders who enjoy progressing our skills, and the skills of others, through aggressive riding. Dirt jumps, technical descents, drops, skinnies – we live to ride them all and just can’t get enough. When we’re not out riding, we’re out digging, cutting, or building. We’re fanatic about freeride and love to share our stoke with like-minded riders.”

Trail Party MTB offers up Events and Clinics in Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico to mention a few, and expanding. 
“Trail Party is an organization dedicated to the growth of progressive mountain biking by cultivating the community and trails that make this sport great.”

Jeff Kendall-Weed is creating monthly riding tutorials! Be sure to check them out here.

No land access, no problem! Local Loam: Austin, TX


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