Video: Loam Season Return | Brendan Fairclough

Brendan Fairclough celebrates the Return of Loam Season in the UK with some fluffy brown powder shredding downhill.

“The rain came down so the spades came out. Tuning up some old gems. I mean we only built for an hour and we had some of the best times. You cant beat the UK loam scene. Back on the mountain bike and loving it. Lock down kinda over but travel is still uncertain so it’s such a good time to utalise what you have at home. Rebuild and make sick again. Get out in the woods and give some of your local trails some love. Whether it’s the local dirt jumps, enduro trails or downhill tracks. Get ya tools and and give them some love. Olly also showed up with the top secret bike that we can’t show you but we can tell you that it’s fast (maybe faster than me). Na joking but…”
Brendan Fairclough

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