Video: Born From Junk | Outlaw Origins of Mountain Biking

It’s impossible to know in the moment if something big is happening. Every ride is a journey into the unknown. You didn’t know if your Frankenstein bike would survive the ride. But, you didn’t care. “Born From Junk” traces the outlaw roots of mountain biking back to its raw beginnings in Crested Butte, where a crew of unlikely pioneers in pursuit of wild times in the mountains blossomed into a global phenomenon.

Born From Junk:
Factual history of early MTB culture

Check out the original written feature here.

Directed by
Mike Horn and Galin Foley

Produced by
Mike Horn

Narrative Cinematography by
Joel Wolter

Documentary Cinematography by
Galin Foley

Edited by
Galin Foley

Audio mix by
Scotty Beam & Cleod9 Music

Graphic Design by
Joe Polevy

Story Editor
Drew Pogge

Associate Producer
Adam Broderick

Camera Assistants
Rex Lint – Tin House Creative
Jesse Levine – Reel Motion

Cast (in order of appearance)
Austin Weaver as Main Character
Adam Broderick as One of The Boys #1
Lawson Yow as One of The Boys #2
Kyle Jones as Driver
Glo Cunningham as Self
Donnie Cook as Self
Bob Starr as Self
Jim “Beach” Thomas as Self
Albert Maunz as Self
Kay Peterson-Cook as Self
Chris Haas as Self
Doug Bradbury as Self
Dave Wiens as Self

Archival Photography provided by
Don Cook
Sandra Cortner
Wende Cragg
Kevin Montgomery
Bob Starr
Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum

Archival Pearl Pass Video courtesy of
Dana Atchley
Tapley Dawson

Archival Rage in the Sage Video courtesy of
Mike Cole

Special Thanks to
Kent Cowher
Keli DiPaolo
Laurel Runcie
Dave Moe
Greg Morin
Burt Phillips
Erik Radock
John Norton
Mark Peterson
Crested Butte News

Music (in order of appearance)
Blow off Some Steam by Ben Bostick
Licensed through

When the Sky (Instrumental Version) by Maya Johanna
Licensed through

My Country (Instrumental Version) by Ben Bostick
Licensed through

Tell Me Its Over by Avi Goldfinger
Licensed through
Settle Down (instrumental version) by Giants and Pilgrims
Licensed through

Burgers and Guitars by Steve Poloni
Licensed through

Born To Become (Instrumental Version) by Maya Johanna
Licensed through

Bones by Duffmusiq
Licensed through

Father by Geva Alon
Licensed through

Shot on location at Gunnison Ranger District – Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison National Forest

Made Possible by Gunnison-Crested Butte

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