Video: Ben Travis Bike Trials | 3 Days in London 2

Ben Travis Bike Trials

Back in 2019 Ben Travis and Mark Westlake headed to London to film the original 3 Days in London 2 Bike Trials edit. Ben was feeling good and riding excellent, until he took a digger into the hard pavement. Left with a damaged spleen Ben spent several days in the hospital, and many weeks off the bike. This meant a long road to recovery as he worked his way back to top riding form.

Ben and Mark always planned to go back to London and finish the film, but then Covid-19 hit and put the UK into lockdown. Unable to finish filming, the guys thought rather than waste all of the footage, they would put together an edit of what they had so far. I’d say it turned out well given the circumstances.

This one has been a long time coming (full story below)…however I hope you enjoy my last video on the @Inspired Bicycles Ltd Arcade before i move onto the Inspired Fourplay.

A follow-up to my original 3 days in London edit, Mark Westlake and I started filming in September 2019, and things were looking good until the crash in the middle of the video. Unfortunately, I ruptured my spleen when i hit the floor, which meant 5 nights in hospital and nearly 12 weeks off the bike. We returned to London in December 2019 to try and finish the edit off, but poor weather / getting thrown off spots meant I left frustrated without an ender clip.

Then….2020 happened.

Due to COVID restrictions, the stars never aligned for Mark and I to get back to London and finish the video. I’ve now changed bike to the Inspired Fourplay, but I didn’t want to waste the footage, so we’ve finally pulled it together to make a short video.

Thanks to @Inspired Bicycles Ltd / @Tarty Bikes for their continued support and helping get me and my bike home after the crash.

Filming / Editing: Mark Westlake (…) Riding / Editing: Ben Travis (…)

Song: Trafalgar Square – Jonathan Wilson (

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