Video: A Moment of Solitude with Transition Bikes

There is really no easy way to put it. With the global health pandemic happening there is craziness around every corner. From news, emails to social media it’s hard to get away from the barrage of info. For some, it’s even more personal as they feel the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) first hand. Our thoughts are with those impacted.

In times like the current, when social distancing has become the norm, how do you get away from the chaos that comes through multiple channels? Some choose to go for a walk, some run, and some workout out at home by whatever means necessary. For many of us mountain bikers, we find solitude being out in the woods on our bikes. In reality, that has always been our happy place where we can hit the trail and brush off the stress of the day.

A late friend of mine had the mantra of “Always Ride”. I’m a firm believer of that and will continue to try and find ways to pedal during these times. Even if it means the Wahoo bike trainer or track stands in the driveway by myself to keep up with Social Distancing guidelines of the health department. I’ve also decided to take less risk with my bike riding right now. I want to minimize the chance for injury and a possible visit to what is an already overwhelmed Emergency room, and Healthcare system. We suggest everyone take this into consideration and do the same. There will always be time later to go faster, bigger and ride the lines you’ve never ridden before. Keep the riding solo. There will always be group rides and post ride beers again.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy some peaceful solitude stoke from the crew over at Transition Bikes.

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