Tinker Juarez Signature ODI Lock On Grips

New Tinker Juarez Signature ODI Lock On Grips come at us with a fitting name, Dread Lock, adding to the F01 Series Vapor Grips. The Dread Locks use the same A.I.R.E. foam compound which is comolded to a plastic core. This offers the necessary padding and control needed for those longer rides.

Tinker Juarez Signature ODI Lock On Grips

F-1 SERIES DREAD LOCK V2.1 LOCK-ON GRIPS: Soft TPE ends provide extra support when railing turns and help to protect your grips from impacts while the V2.1 Single-Clamp Lock-On system ensures that your grips stay put no matter what the conditions.

Tinker Juarez Signature ODI Lock On GripsThe plastic center has a dome shape which creates a more ergonomic support structure underneath the foam.  ODI added an arrow at the end of the grip to make the dome obvious.  The dome faces back toward the rider at a 45 degree angle when the arrow is pointing directly up.  So you can get the Dread Locks in place as you like.

Tinker Juarez Signature ODI Lock On GripsTinker Juarez Signature ODI Lock On Grips features:

  • Offset Grip design provides more padding on the palm side of Grip
  • Made from our exclusive A.I.R.E. Compound for reduced weight and improved vibration dampening
  • Contoured surface for improved comfort on longer rides
  • Soft TPE Ends offer improved comfort and grip protection
  • Ergonomic finger cutouts provide improved Grip in all conditions
  • Dread Lock textured surface provides improved control with less effort
  • Available in 5 Colors
  • $32.95 per set

Check out the new here.

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