Must Watch: Thomas Genon’s Dream MTB Line from Renaissance

There is something so satisfying about building the perfect MTB line. Thomas Genon’s Dream MTB Line from Renaissance is one of the sickest ones around!

“After weeks of work shaping a bespoke line, some huge filming days, and hours of post-production- we are stoked to present “Renaissance”. A collaboration between Thomas, Canyon and Hector Cash.

A project like this allowed Tommy to let the ideas flow. No confines, no scoring. Just a top to bottom run filled only with features and tricks which Tommy wanted to explore- to push his limits and find new boundaries.

“Freeride is all about creativity, every rider has to show their own style, that’s what I love about it. Canyon bikes have always enabled me to express myself in the best way there is.” – Thomas Genon.

As with everything in life, different disciplines come in and out of fashion, or simply evolve over time. And with the advent of more capable and agile bikes than ever before, re-imagined trail features and riders constantly pushing themselves, are we now seeing the rebirth of freeriding? We certainly hope so. This is Renaissance.”

Canyon Bicycles

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