The Back Forty | Discovering Your Backyard

Casey Brown, Micayla Gatto and Georgia Astle head out to explore British Columbia and Yukon’s bike communities, in this short film, “The Back Forty”. No, we’re not talking about The Back Forty, in Bentonville, Arkansas. This one takes place starting in the southern region of the British Columbia province. The team makes their way north to Whitehorse, where new trail networks and unique alpine riding is happening. During COVID times, the opportunity to explore trails and terrain right at home has never been better. If this doesn’t make you miss ride trips and road trips, I’m not sure what does. Casey Brown, Micayla Gatto and Georgia Astle are a huge inspiration to the mountain biking community. I’ll personally never forget riding The Monster Trail in Kaslo, BC. This short film is a must watch.

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