Video: Sending it in Kamloops, BC Local Loam Episode #4

Jeff Kendall-Weed is back with another Local Loam episode. This time he heads just a few hours north from Bellingham, WA for some mountain biking in Kamloops, BC. If you’ve been into mountain biking for a while you may have grown up watching freeriders like Brett Tippie, and Wade Simmons literally bike surfing down the steep dirt hills of Kamloops. 

Those types of movies like “Kranked” really put Kamloops into the spot light for 1990’s riding and to this day have a regular spot light in mountain bike videos. However, the general riding scene for the average mountain wasn’t quite as popular. That’s where the KBRA was formed and stepped in to help the mountain biking community have a larger local voice.  They have since worked with the KPCC and really taken riding opportunites for greater mountain biker community to another level.

Now what exists is progressive riding for all different riders at all different levels. If you want singletrack it’s there. If you want big drops or gapped doubles it’s there. If you want super steep OG Kamloops freeride dirt hills; well that’s still there as well. Join Jeff is he explores what the Kamloops mountain biking advocacy is all about. I’d say the riding and local vibe speaks for itself!

“When you’ve got stoke and good vibes everything seems to get a lot better”



Via: Jeff Kendall- Weed




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