Ridestoke Ride Series #3 | Vipers Den Trail Spider Mountain Bike Park

Vipers Den Trail Spider Mountain Bike Park

The Vipers Den Trail at Spider Mountain Bike Park in Burnet Texas is rated blue and one of the longer runs on the mountain.  You’ll find a plenty of technical sections, catch berms at the bottom of the long descents, and plenty of flowing rollers on the way.  As riders fly through the trees, you can’t help to notice the speed and how close some of those trees really are.  There are a few technical rock gardens on this trail worthy of full attention, as you might find yourself off of the trail in seconds.  One large G Out is something to look forward to.  Keep your speed and you’ll find the top side of the hill delivering the rider down the single track for more.  Seth, from Seth’s Bike Hacks, paid the Spider Mountain Bike Park a visit to see what it’s all about



Ride Location: Spider Mountain Bike Park, Burnet Texas.
Trails: Vipers Den Trail
Bikes Ridden: Santacruz V10, Santacruz HightowerCC


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