Review: Interflon Fin Super Chain Lubricant | Superior Performance

Interflon Fin Super Chain Lubricant Superior Performance

The Interflon Fin Super is a high performance dry-film lubricant, setting up clean, dry, and fortified with MicPol. Interflon develops and manufactures specialized lubricants with superior performance and major cost savings. This high performance lubricant is designed for an array of general applications on almost any moving part. For us, this moving part is the bike. Interflon Fin Super goes on wet, cleanses, displaces moisture, breaks down deposits and penetrates even into the most inaccessible areas.

Interflon Fin Super Chain Lubricant. This lubricant is great for bicycle chains and other uses.

The Ride

We applied Interflon Fin Super to several different bike types and bike stands. This includes a single speed SE Bikes road bike, Knolly WardenC, Ibis Ripley, and a 1983 Schwinn Sprint to really mix it up. Each are ridden in varying environments and miles.

Noticeable Silence

What is now very obvious after riding daily for a few weeks on each bike is the chain is silent. Typically I would start to hear the chain on the single speed bike provide audible feedback when really mashing the pedals. Not the case here. One of our Ridestoke crew even mentioned that after three dusty mountain bike trail rides, “the chain is still dead silent”. The Fin Super is holding up well, and is clear that it has fully covered the chain. It’s proving itself to be a great long lasting product. The chain on the single speed was clean when the Fin Super was applied, and still is. 



This holds true for the 1983 Schwinn Sprint as well. This bike has historically always had a loud drivetrain, with the old style cassette and large chain type. The drivetrain was not clean at the time of application, does contain surface rust, and provides a whole lot of age and miles. What was noticeable in this application is, while the Interflon Fin Super was going on the chain, it progressively coated all sides, links, and connections of the chain while being sprayed. I typically apply my usual chain lubrication and pull the chain through a microfiber towel to spread that lubrication throughout. Not the case here, where the chain was fully coated.

On The Trail

The trail bike test for the Interflon Fin Super brings with it a multitude of variables, such as wet, dirt, mashing pedal pressure, and round terrain. With miles of trail on a single application of the Fin Super at this point, the trail bike chain is still clean, still silent, and shifting itself is still smooth.  With such an exceptional experience with the chain performance, I’ve moved on to applying the Fin Super to pedals, pivots, bike stands, and the garage door to the shop, because, why not. 

In the case of the trail bike, Fin Super comparisons are to TriFlow, Finish Line Dry, White Lightening, Muc-Off Dry, Pedro’s Chainj, Rock N Roll Gold.  I would typically need to apply any of the comparison lubes to the chain every ride or two depending upon the trail conditions. With several rides at this point on the Fin Super, we’ll see how far we can go.

A Silent Bike Stand

I’ve never known the Park Tool PRS25 bike stand I’ve had for years to not squeak. The clamp bolt threading had always provided some kind of audible feedback. While applying the Interflon Fin Super to the threads of the clamp bolt, I noticed the same even progressive coverage occurring, where the lubricant would travel around the threads evenly. With the Interflon applies, the Park Tool PRS25 bike stand was silent. Today with constant use over the course of more than a week, the clamp bolt on the stand remains silent.
Interflon Fin Super Chain Lubricant. This lubricant is great for bicycle chains and other uses.

About Interflon

Interflon manufactures lubricants with exceptionally good performance for maintenance of industrial and food processing equipment. Our products reduce maintenance cost and power consumption while promoting component reliability and factory output.

MicPol® Technology And A New Approach To Lubricants

Interflon lubricants reduce friction more than conventional oils and greases. As a result, you don’t have to lubricate your machines as often, they use less energy, and machine parts last longer. Unique Interflon MicPol® technology is what makes this all possible.


Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages

  • Superior lubricity
  • Outstanding penetrating quality
  • Displaces moisture and loosens rusted and frozen parts
  • Inhibits rust and provides long lasting anti-corrosion protection
  • Doesn’t stain and leaves no residue

Currently only available at, selling for $27.88 (plus shipping).

Data sheets, Certifications and References
Interflon USA

The Chain is still Dead Silent – Trailbrain @Ridestoke


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