Review: Finish Line Fiberlink Tubeless Sealant

While at the Bentonville Bike Fest 2022 we came across the Finish Line Fiberlink Tubeless Sealant. I had only run Finish Line chain lubricant in the past, but not tried the tubeless sealant. Well, the Ibis Ripmo AF needed a sealant change, or at least some sealant since at this point I knew the sealant in the Maxxis Minions had dried up.

Finish Line Fiberlink Tubeless Sealant Feature
Finish Line Fiberlink Tubeless Sealant

Finish Line Fiberlink – The Ride

Finish Line Fiberlink Tubeless Sealant works well for a range of applications. Mountain Bike, Gravel Bike, and Road Bike Tires. Running this sealant on the Ripmo AF has gone well so far. There are plenty of 90 degree edge rocks there in Austin, TX to put the sealant to the test. Unlike some of the tubeless sealants I’ve used in the past, FiberLink has yet to dry out or get thick and rubbery. Another observation was the inner surface of my 29 inch Maxxis Minion DHF 2.6 tires doesn’t have the expected residue so the usual cleaning process was not necessary. Just a simple brush out works well.

Finish Line claims the sealant can last up to 4 months. I’ve reached two and a half months and the sealant is still running strong. This claim varies depending upon the environment you’re in, given riding conditions, temperature and how many sniper rocks you’re hitting on each ride. With how hot it has been in Austin, TX, we’ll see how this goes. Once I reach that 4 month mark, I’ll see what the FiberLink looks like on the inside of the Minions and report back here.

Finish Line Fiberlink 32oz
FiberLink 32ox
Finish Line Fiberlink 8oz
FiberLink 8oz
Finish Line Fiberlink 128oz
FiberLink 128oz

What is FiberLink™ Technology?

Finish Line: “Kevlar® fibers work synergistically with fast-acting natural latex to seal punctures as they occur. Free-flowing latex cures rapidly to create an adhesive seal which is reinforced with interlinking Kevlar fibers.


Quick installation of the sealant was a breeze right out of the gate. There is a quick and easy sealant dosage guide on the back of the bottle. Want more details? See the QR code on the back of the bottle for additional help. For my 29 inch Maxxis Minion DHF 2.6, I used 4oz for the front and 4oz for the rear. With this bottle I wanted to avoid using the measuring cup or syringe. The FiberLink fluid is this and smooth without alot or any grit or grainy substance.

Finish Line Fiberlink Tubeless Sealant Guide
Installation via Valve Stem, and Sealant Dosage Guide

Finish Line Fiberlink Tubeless Sealant Installation

Features & Benefits

• Pro latex formula utilizes FiberLink™ Technology
• Kevlar® fibers ensure strong, long-lasting seals
• Low viscosity is ideal for race conditions
• Fast-acting natural latex reduces air loss
• Optimum longevity between refresh cycles
• Low odor and easy to setup

Product Info

• 8oz Squeeze Bottle – MSRP $14.99
• 32oz Bottle – MSRP $34.99
• 1 Gallon Jug – MSRP $110.00

Check out the FiberLink Sealant at Finish Line.


Trailbrain added a fresh 8oz Squeeze Bottle to an old ass pair of I9 Enduro S wheels. These wheels have sustained a ton of damage l to the rims for several seasons of riding. The rear wheel has taken most of the trail abuse as they were ridden before tire inserts became more mainstream in the bike industry. It even has a nice big flat spot in the rim.

For whatever reason it’s always been difficult to get these Enduro S wheels to hold air on a tubeless setup. Even after using an extremely sticky rim tape and a ton of other sealants like Stans, the air would always seep out. I’m not sure if it’s the type of paint that you have to stick the rim tape to or something else. If you added enough Stans to the wheels and rode them several times, then you might get lucky, and they would consistently hold air.

With the damage and difficulty holding air we thought this we be a good follow up test to the Fiberlink. I’m happy to say that after adding 4oz of Fiberlink to each wheel and several rotations of the wheels, they are now holding air nice and steady. The next test will be run these wheels on the trail and continue to beat the snot of them. Let’s see…. stay tuned!

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