Quarantined | Hans Rey stuck at home 9 Bikes Trials Challenge

Like many of us quarantined right now, Hans Rey and his wife Carmen are stuck at home in California. To pass the time staying safe at home, and to get some exercise, Hans selected 9 of his bikes for a trials challenge. The challenge consisted if riding these bikes up and around the property of his house with just one camera take.

You must ride up and down stairs. Clean gaps around the pool by pedaling kicking and hopping across them. Then finish it off bike trials riding up and over big rocks in the yard landscaping. No stopping or foot dabs allowed for this quarantined bike riding challenge.

9 bikes ridden by Hans:

DH Bike
Street Trials Bike
Gravel Bike
20inch Trials Bike
Trail Bike 29r
Trials Bike
Enduro Bike
Retro MTB Bike

I don’t know about you and how you are dealing with being quarantined, but this looks like a ton of fun and is a good amount of exercise to take away some of the stress. Time to get creative and see what can be ridden staying safe at home. Take Care of yourself and others – always.

Via: Hans Rey

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