Press Release: RideWrap & Yoann Barelli Bring Us A New Beer

For Immediate Release

Coast Mountain Brewing and Yoann Barelli have just released precisely what we were looking for. A thirst quenching, carb loaded, after ride beverage filled with perfection. Post ride thirst is a tricky one to quench. There are lots of options out there that ‘get the job done’. But what if you are driven to do better? Possessed by the pursuit of perfection. Tantalized by the task of taking things to the top tier. That desire can drive a person completely mad.

Thirst Quenching

Possessed by a desire to create the perfect thirst quenching, carb loaded after ride beverage Yoann Barelli has gone completely mad.

RideWrap Whistler

Coast Mountain

With the help of our friends at Coast Mountain and a guest appearance by Prof. Yolo, we have crafted a post ride beverage that is sure to satisfy that post ride thirst.

RideWrap Whistler


Introducing; B.A.Y.R. (Beer After You ride). A crisp highly sessionable Kölsch Style Ale. Available for a limited time only.

RideWrap Whistler

Custom RideWrap Decals

The first one thousand four packs will come complete with one of thee custom top tube protective decals by RideWrap Whistler. B.A.Y.R. will be available on tap exclusively at Coast Mountain and RMU Blackcomb.

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